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Change Siri to a male voice on your iPhone / iPad

1Change Siri to male voice on iOS - Step 1

By default, Apple uses a female voice for Siri, the digital assistant for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch / Apple Watch (and now MacOS!) I'm using iOS 10 in this tutorial, but the steps are exact the same in iOS 9 and earlier versions!

2Change Siri to male voice on iOS - Step 2

First, tap on the Settings app (gear icon) on your home screen.

3Change Siri to male voice on iOS - Step 3

Scroll down to the third section, which starts with General, and tap on Siri.

4Change Siri to male voice on iOS - Step 4

Tap on "Siri Voice", which displays your current setting - in my case, and on the screenshot, "American Female" - this is the default in the US.

5Change Siri to male voice on iOS - Step 5

On the next screen, select Gender > Male, or Female to restore the default. Don't jump - once the new voice has downloaded, your iPhone suddenly makes Siri speak using the new gender: "I'm Siri, your virtual assistant!" Also notice that iOS lets you choose the accent, not just Siri's language: in English, you can use American, Australian, or British - with either-gendered Siri!

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