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View cookies in Chrome + filter by website / domain name

1View cookies in Chrome - Step 1

By default, cookies are enabled in Chrome: they're small text files saved by the browser to keep track of various types of information. Example: when you're browsing Amazon.com while not signed in, and you add items to your cart, they're actually saved to a cookie, since Amazon doesn't yet know who you are! Once you login, they're transferred from the cookie to your account. I'll show you how to view cookies saved by a specific domain or website in Chrome.

2View cookies in Chrome - Step 2

Once in Chrome, click on the menu button (top right corner), and select Settings. when the chrome://settings/ tab opens, type "cookies" in the search box. Matches are now highlighted: click on the Content settings button.

3View cookies in Chrome - Step 3

To view all cookies currently saved on your computer for this version of Chrome, click on the "All cookies and site data" button. When you log into your computer (Windows / Mac OS X / Linux) and run Chrome, settings and cookies are saved under your profile folder: that's how multiple users on the same machine can use Chrome, and each have their individual settings!

4View cookies in Chrome - Step 4

Depending on the last time you manually cleared your cookies, this could open a very long list of websites and domains. You want to recognize many of them: that's because they're created by third-party plugins, or ad networks. (When a cookie is created, it typically has an expiration date associated with it: after that date, it will automatically be deleted; that date can be changed by the issuing website - if you revisit it at a later time, but before the cookie was deleted.)

5View cookies in Chrome - Step 5

Start typing a website address (domain name) in the search box: Chrome will hide cookies whose domain doesn't match what you typed. You could have more than one match for each domain - that means that you have multiple cookies associated with, or created by, that particular domain. In my case, these are cookies created by Google Analytics: click on a field name to see its value. To delete that particular cookie, click on the "x" button on the right.