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Add a cell phone number to your Facebook account

1Add a cell phone number to Facebook - Step 1

While you can use your Facebook account without a cell phone number associated with it, you'll quickly face limits. Besides, tying your cell phone to your account also means that you can secure it more effectively - for example, by enabling Facebook's "Login Approvals", a feature that prevents someone from logging into your account unless they enter a six-digit code, generated through your mobile Facebook app, or sent as SMS text to your phone.

2Add a cell phone number to Facebook - Step 2

Once logged in, click on the arrow in the top right corner and select Settings.

3Add a cell phone number to Facebook - Step 3

On the next screen, select the "Mobile" options in the left column.

4Add a cell phone number to Facebook - Step 4

If you already have a cell phone in your account (like I do, see screenshot), click on the Add another mobile phone number link. Otherwise, click on the lone Add a phone link. Facebook lets you add multiple numbers to the same account (and even have the same phone number for different accounts).

5Add a cell phone number to Facebook - Step 5

Choose your country (used for the country code), and type your phone number, including area code. Click Continue: Facebook will send you a confirmation code as SMS text message. Once you receive it, type it in the text box and click Confirm. If you see privacy options, do read them carefully: one of them gives Facebook permission to share your phone number with friends!

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