About in 5 steps tutorials / in5steps.com

Loving tech means that I tend to go on and on about it. The same is true for other tutorials I write, which is why I took on the "in 5 steps" challenge: explain a topic in at most five short steps. Non-techies tell me that computers are like a microwave: you just want to make the thing work, you don't care to understand *how* it works.

So there's the story of in5steps.com: it's is good for you, because it's a promise that any topic will be answered in five steps. If your question is answered before the fifth step, you'll get a few extra wisdom nuggets for the price. And it's good for me, because knowing that I better answer the query within five steps forces me to stick to the essentials! (That's also why each step is exactly the same height: that prevents me from going over a six-to-seven-lines explanation for each step :)

If you haven't found what you were looking for, please let me know.

Enough said - enjoy the tutorials!